Indoor Product Care – Larkwood Furniture US

Indoor Product Care

This product is designed for indoor use.

We do not recommend using this outdoors. However, if you choose to, it is recommended that you keep the product under cover and not exposed.

General care:

Do not position under direct heat or sunlight.

Do not allow any liquid to be left on any surface for prolonged periods of time. If this occurs, wipe with down the surface with a clean wet cloth.


Your design has been treated and finished, we do not recommend painting, sanding or varnishing.

Clean dust down with dry microfiber cloth, if you need to wet clean the wood, apply a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar to a spray bottle. Spray the mixture to the dry microfiber cloth and proceed to clean the wood.

Leather & Vegan Leather:

Keep it out of direct sun to avoid fading.
Keep the design distanced from fireplaces and heating vents. High temperature and humidity can dry leather out.

We suggest you steer clear of wax, polish, soaps and oil leather cleaners. They can affect the finish or discolor the leather. For small spots and spills use a dampened, soft white cloth and let it air dry. For oil, butter, or grease spills use a clean, dry cloth. Do not use water. The spot should naturally sink into the leather and fade away.

For scratches rub them with your finger.

For thorough cleaning, we suggest taking this piece to a leather specialist only.

Linen & Fabrics:

The fabric has been treated for soil and stain resistance. If the fabric gets dirty, apply 10-20ml of detergent solution on top of the spot; use a soft bristle brush to clean the fabric. Softly clean with a clean cloth and cold water. Allow the fabric to air dry.

Water Hyacinth (Rope Weave) : 

The French Modernist Armchair - Natural is made from Water Hyacinth rope, a natural unprocessed product. Keep it clean by using normal white vinegar from your local supermarket, spray in low quantities directly into the weaving, and use a soft toothbrush to clean it. Dab dry with a clean towel and allow to completely air dry before using. Avoid using bleach.

Keep this material away from high-humidity areas for prolonged periods of time. 

Failure to adhere to any of these product care indications will void your warranty.