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Meet the Larkwood team

Donald Lang


Our founder Donald's unwavering passion for furniture shines through in every product and client interaction.

With an impressive 50 years of experience in the industry, Don's journey began at the young age of 16 when he developed a keen interest in carpentry.

Known for his meticulous nature, he consistently takes on the most challenging design projects, constantly seeking ways to enhance the comfort and quality of the end product.

His ultimate goals are to create furniture that exudes comfort and longevity, ensuring that every piece reflects his unparalleled dedication and craftsmanship.

Donald is a highly involved individual, personally visiting each project worldwide to ensure meticulous attention to detail. With his expert eye, it's evident when Don makes adjustments, and the purpose behind them is clear.

Our founder firmly believes in his signature phrase that nothing is ever overbuilt unless design is neglected.

His commitment to thoughtful design and precision is reflected in every aspect of his work. Donald still works at our main factory and headquarters in Indonesia, developing and designing all our products.

Abigail Lang (Abby)


Abby was born in Australia and having grown up around a family-run business in Indonesia she has a deep understanding of the furniture industry, she possesses invaluable insights into its intricacies.

As Larkwood’s Director, Abby is a dedicated and hands-on person, being the main point of contact for Interior Designers and partners.

Abby works alongside our Founder Donald (Dad) and manufacturing team, often traveling back and forth from the Larkwood Headquarters in Melbourne to the design team in Indonesia.

Working hand in hand with every single step in the design and development of new collections of Larkwood Furniture and learning from project-based developments from other clients in the process. You will be sure that if there is a task in hand she will get done.

With her unwavering commitment to offering the best possible quality of product and service, you can rest assured that every task is completed with her full attention.

Having learned the ins and outs of carpentry from her father, a second-generation carpenter, Abby aspires to delve further into the design aspect of the business.

Javier Forero

Executive Director

As our executive director, Javier plays a vital role in ensuring consistent business operations and branding. His exceptional marketing skills and expertise in website building and branding have been instrumental in our success.

Javier's adventurous and enterprising personality has been evident throughout his work, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to expanding our brand's exposure. He initiates and charges ahead with the expansion of the Larkwood brand into overseas markets, including Singapore, Africa, Europe, and North America. His international experience and strategic vision make him well-suited to drive our brand’s growth in these regions.

His journey with us began during Javier's time in Indonesia as part of an International internship program on behalf of Deakin University, where he crossed paths with Don and Abby while working along side them.

Despite focusing on his career and education, we stayed in touch for 7 years, and during the COVID lockdown, we launched Larkwood Furniture with Javier leading the way, aiming to provide quality and affordable everyday furniture to the market.

Javier's exceptional skills and unwavering dedication have made him the driving force behind this endeavor, showcasing his authenticity and commitment to our work.